Galaxy Tab 3 Kids – Technology for Your Toddler

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids – Technology for Your Toddler

Galaxy Tab 3 KidsSamsung, one of the leading companies to produce cell phones and tablets, has revolutionized the industry by creating the new Galaxy Tab 3 Kids. This Android device was created solely with the child in mind. The CEO of Samsung said in a statement that they produced it because they saw an opportunity to make a product with a kid-friendly experience. He also said that their product is full of educational material and will keep children interacted. This is a great tool for teaching children, which is why parents will love it. The Galaxy Tablet 3 Kids is designed with an easy to carry case and stylus, so your child will be able to use it without problems. It is projected to come out in Korea in early September, and will be available elsewhere shortly after.

A tablet for your toddler can have a lot of benefits. Technology is growing rapidly, and introducing it to your child at a young age is one of the best ways to get them ahead of the game later in life. Also, the tablet has many interactive games and apps that are great for education. It could also be used as a tool in order to entertain your child because they seem to be captivated by the touch-screen technology. Some people argue that children shouldn’t have technology because they may get addicted to it, but the future is going to be full of technology so why not give them a head start?

The top five tablets available right now for toddlers are…

  1. LeapPad2 – LeapPad has created great kid’s tablets in the past, and this version is new and improved with faster speeds, new updates, and new games for children.
  2. VTech InnoTab 2S – This tablet has great learning games, and comes with features such as a camera, 2GB of storage and Wi-Fi capabilities
  3. Kurio 7 – This tablet runs on Android, and looks more like a traditional tablet. It has built in Wi-Fi, and can even be used by adults for different tasks.
  4. Nabi 2 – This is pretty much a Google Nexus 7, just designed with the child in mind. It has a nice rubber grip around its edges for easy handling. It is a great educational tool.
  5. Tabeo – This is a kids tablet built by Toys R Us. It comes with 50 apps installed on it, and many accessories are available for use with it.


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